Terms of Service

By ordering online you authorize us with your consent to publish the artwork and the picture/s that they were made from on our website Gallery. After we ship your order, your artwork may be displayed in our gallery. If you have any concerns, please contact us with a request to remove your artwork from our gallery. We will happily accept your request and remove your Photograph and the corresponding Artwork from the gallery section. gotPortrait.com will not be held responsible for any misuse of the photograph and the corresponding artwork (on the gallery) by website visitors. We respect our customers' privacy and therefore, for requests made to not have their artworks displayed on the gallery, prior to ordering, we do not post reference pictures or pictures of artworks thereof on our website.

Additional background, theme, props, or customization on artworks would call for additional fees and will be charged accordingly. Please get in touch with us to get a custom quote

Regarding deliveries requested to be received by a particular date, we will do our best to deliver artworks in time before the date requested. However, due to the nature of a custom commissioned portrait, Gotportrait.com will not be held liable for any delays in delivery of artworks.

Prior to the commencement of production, each customer will receive an exact layout based upon the submitted photographs of the customer. The commissioned artwork is created to scale (with accurate proportions very close to the approved layout).Abstract and free-style artworks are custom-created upon request. In such cases, customers are required to clearly note they are requesting artwork in a specific style. Unless otherwise noted, the artwork will be created based on the style found in the Gallery section of the website.

We will ship artworks only after all outstanding payments are clear. Gotportrait.com will not be held responsible for delays in shipping and delivery of artwork that have a pending/outstanding balance. You as a user are solely responsible for uploading your photo and sending it to us. You should have the authority and copyright to upload that particular photograph. We offer our services at the price mentioned for a certain ballparked grade of difficulty. If the photo you upload is of a difficulty level more than this grade, then the price of the artwork would increase because of an increase in the hours required to complete the artwork. Rest assured we would only charge you slightly more so that you don’t have to pay a fortune. You can pay the balance once your portrait is ready so that we can process it further for shipping it to your doorstep. All our prices are subject to change without giving prior notice. Caricatures that we commission are digital in nature (intangible). We first hand-paint it and then illustrate further on Photoshop. The end product is a high-resolution digital file that you can print on poster size. We do offer prints if you would like the caricature printed and shipped to you (additional printing cost applicable). However, most of our customers print their caricature themselves.

For all orders that are complex in nature, commissioned from blurred or multiple pictures, or that have deadlines to meet, we charge 100% upfront payments. Deliveries of complex paintings comprising more than 1 subject, especially of those that are 24"x20" or bigger the 2-Week delivery timeline are not unconditional. The ones we do are 100% handmade artworks. Each piece is bespoke and needs its own time for commissioning.

We do our best to deliver each piece within the specified time-frame stated in the website. For priority delivery, we request each customer to notify us while placing their order about the date that they would like to receive their artwork by. Though we do not guarantee delivery by the requested date, we do our best to deliver artworks in time. As you would understand, revision requests, if any, take time. Gotportrait.com will not be liable for delays incurred due to revision requests. At Gotportrait.com we assume that you have read through the terms and conditions prior to ordering.

When a customer places an order he/she is assumed to have an idea about the product being ordered. We will not reimburse or replace for an ordered artwork if the buyer misunderstands the product that they ordered.

Each artwork is carefully packaged before shipping to avoid any damage during transit. In spite of maintaining high-quality standards, a fraction of artworks does get damaged. Though such damages are completely out of our control, we do the best we possibly can to offer prompt resolution in such cases. For artworks delivered in damaged condition, we request customers to ship them back to us at the nearest possible facility within 3 business days, and we will correct the problem. If our experts believe that the artwork is beyond repair, then we offer prompt replacements. In cases of receipt of frames in damaged condition, you are required to report the matter to us by email in 3 business days along with pictures of breakage and that of the outer packaging. We offer prompt replacements after satisfactory receipts of relevant pictures. Note that in cases of items received in damaged condition, we request pictures of the damaged item for verification purposes before offering a resolution. For issues regarding deliveries in damaged condition or issues with the quality of the artwork, we will offer resolution only if the issue is reported to us within 7 business days of receipt of the product.

Gotportrait.com will not be responsible, under any condition, for undelivered packages discarded by courier companies. At times, when customers are not available at delivery, packages are returned back to our facility after repeated delivery attempts. A return cost and re-shipping cost will be applicable to the customer/recipient under such circumstances.

Gotportrait.com will not be responsible for packages delivered without signatures. You are requested to accept packages in person and sign against deliveries.

Gotportrait.com will not be responsible under any circumstances, for missing packages requested to be delivered unsigned.

Cancelling an Order:

You as the customer have full rights to cancel an order at any point in time before we have shipped it. Should you, at any point in time, feel that we have failed to satisfy you we request you to write to us at help@Gotportrait.com. We will strive to solve any issue that you might have faced. For all cancellation requests made within 24 hours of the order confirmation, a full refund will be given to the customer subject to the condition that the artist has not started working on the artwork. For all cancellations made, only due to quality issues and before artworks are shipped, a 50% cancellation fee will be applicable (conditions apply). We will be unable to process cancellation requests on artworks that are approved before shipping and delivered to the customer. We are unable to process refunds on artworks that are commissioned from blurred pictures. Payments against digital caricatures as well as those against canvas prints of caricatures (already printed) will not be refunded. We will gladly accept feedback/modification requests. In any case, we will do our best to undertake revision requests. GotPortrait.com owns the right to final decisions for all such cancellation requests. Please note, we strive to make each of our customers happy.

Mode of refund will be the same as that was used while making the payment. All refunds are processed within 10 business days from the date of confirmation of the refund.

Our Commitment to Sentiments of all Culture/Nationality/Religions

We at GotPortrait.com respect the sentiments of all culture/nationality/religions and so we reserve the right to not proceed with your order if we feel it will potentially harm the sentiments of any particular culture/nationality/religions. Please keep visiting this page to learn about any changes in our Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policy.


We at GotPortrait.com absorb shipping costs so that our customers benefit. We offer free shipping on selective countries and offer free shipping on artworks via DHL and FedEx shipped rolled in tubes. We offer free shipping to most areas that are categorized under non-remote regions.

If we are able to work out a way to ship the painting with a cheaper shipping carrier such as DPEX or Aramex then we notify yourself.